Summertime Record

"Let's go, today is war again"
We fought against and took each other's hands

Unreasonableness is natural
Being forced to be alone

Me completely lost
Was about to become melancholic 

Parting the tall grass
Glaring at the blotted sun
You, said this
"If you're lonely, come here"

السلام عليـكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
اعـرف ان الآغلب مو مهتم وكذا بس حبيت انزل هالدرس ^^
انا منزلته من قبل في مكان ثاني وحبيت انزله في المدونه افضل ()
المهم استمتعوا ^^

The noisiness knocked
Even the feelings that were born
Popped on my mind and deflated 

"Is this illusion?"

Gather at the secret base
"It's so fun" 
Recalling those fun and simple days
And let's talk about it

النتيجة : هنا
الادوات هنـا

الدرس *^*

تابـع ()

وبعد كذا اضيفوا الحقوق والتآثيرات والاطار ولمساتكم السحرية XD

The airplane clouds fly away
Crying "It's so bright"

What kind of face was yours?
I wonder why, I can't remember 

Reality ran through
Almost painfully 

The today I chose is ordinary
And almost about to crumble

Yesterday's today is an overtime game
Even adults are cowardly 

Now, kind of blankly
I think I realised it

An idea of the spinning "world"
Under the withering sun
The heat haze wavered

"Don't forget, come on, let's go forward"

Was dreaming at tomorrow
At an impatience 

To the world with a future, not going back
"Let's change it ourselves" 

"Recall it, it ended
The secret base, the adventure
The story of getting lost in that day"

The lonely grouped together
The children's plan
Started to spin again 

"Somewhere, some day"

"It's so cool" we said to each other

The summer sky is transparent 

Breathe in so we won't cry

Let's say "goodbye"

Gather at the secret base

The summer days that we laughed together 

"Maybe we can recall someday, and meet again"

Let's draw it again and again

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  1. أبداع ولله ..
    درس جميل باحاول اجربه ^^
    بالمناسبة وش أسم الانمي اللي بالصوره

  2. ايش هالابداع مشاء الله *^*
    مع اني مو مهتمة بدروس الفوتوشوب الا ان الموضوع سحرني فعلًا ..
    التصاميم والفواصل جدا فاتنة 3>

  3. بالفعل كما هو متوقع من ري تشان .. الابداع يقطر .. فخورة بأختي الصغيره 3>

  4. بالنسبة للآسم فهو موب انـمي هي اغنية واسمها Summertime Record
    وطبعا فيه انـمي واسمه Mekakucity Actors
    شكرا للجميع اسعدتوني ()

  5. وش اسم الانمي ؟؟


(( ما يلفظ من قول إلا لديه رقيب عتيد ))